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      The page Web - Master / Designer / Developer - Tools is intended to be an entry point for a lot of free Webmaster / Web Designer /  Web Developer Tools available on the Web. The Webmaster / Web Designer /  Web Developer Tools are grouped into categories and will be accessed either directly to the owner side either by intermediate of some simple and easy to use forms in this site. This Webmaster / Web Designer /  Web Developer Tools page is intended to be a helpful tool to design and realize quality sites for the project to the discipline Internet Technologies for Business. Point the Webmaster / Web Designer /  Web Developer Tools option to see a description or click it to find additional information about the involved tool. In this Webmaster / Web Designer /  Web Developer Tools page new tools will be added as they become available (or I have permission to make them available in that way) so that visit it from time to time. The site contains also a lot of links to Webmaster Tools, Web Designer and  Web Developer Tools and, Search Engine Optimization Tools in the pages Home, Links, and Lecture Notes.

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I M P O R T A N T !

The tools are robots or uses robots to collect data so that the results requires human interpretation.
The decision and responsibility to take account of results is entirely yours.
You can trust all the tools made available by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C): (anyone of his subdomains).

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Attention !

This page realized with a font size small / x-small. The menus realized with CSS and passes the W3C CSS version 3 checks. Use the bottom menu for navigation if you use Internet Explorer because the top do not follow the links on double click. It follows only on mouse click and then Enter key press. Ask Microsoft Why? if you want an explanation about that. If you look to the bottom menu and top menu you will see that they are almost identical with except of the object for anchor: image (top) and text (bottom). It works well in other browsers.

*) The content, tools and links in that page and the availability of that tools/links changes

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